Directions to Lo de Marcos from Puerto Vallarta

From the Puerto Vallarta international airport, drive/bus north on hwy MEX 200. Lo de Marcos is about 40 miles (60kms) north of the Puerto Vallarta airport. Upon exiting the airport take a right onto MEX 200 and an immediate left in order to be traveling north. Follow the signs to Compestela and Tepic. After approximately fifteen minutes you will pass through the town of Bucerias. After passing through Bucerias, Mex 200 continues on as a four-lane highway for a few more miles until the turnoff to Punta Mita. Make sure to bear to the left here and pass through the military inspection (don't worry; the soldiers are there for your protection.)

From the inspection point, the highway changes to a two-lane road, and heads up and over a small mountain in a winding and twisting manner with tons of curves. Watch for animals grazing along the road and slow moving vehicles. You will pass signs for several small villages. After passing through the village of San Ignacio, approximately 40 kms from the airport, a small sign marks the turnoff to Sayulita. Continue stright over the mountian and pass the San Francisco turnoff. Lo de Marcos is about 8 miles passed the village of San Francisco. Upon reaching the Lo de Marcos turn off, make sure to pull off onto the right shoulder and let the on going traffic pass before turning into Lo de Marcos! A left turn single in Mexico means "go ahead and pass".

Directions to Lo de Marcos from Guadalajara

The route is easily marked with plenty of public road signs to Puerto Vallarta. Head west on the toll hwy towards Tequila. Continue for approximately 2 hours until the turnoff to Compestela. Continue for an hour on hwy MEX 200 down the incredibly windy/curvy road to Las Varas and on ahead for another 30 minutes to Lo de Marcos



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